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Our Passion
The Collective Menu is Passionate about Nurturing the Family & Home. We offer Catering, Personal Chef and Personal Prepared Food Services for your next Event, Business Luncheon or Home needs. We also offer Kids cooking classes and in the coming future we will be offering Team building and bonding events for couples, families and Corporate at The Collective Menu Retreat Center. I have also made and designed an ever expanding library of Collectible Recipe Cards. They are available for purchase and our students get one each time they choose one of our recipes to cook, to start their own collection. At the cooking events they will also get to keep the recipe card of the meal they cooked.

Our hope is to help you create special memories, family favorite meals and traditions to pass down, by creating a Family Heirloom with our Collectible Recipe Cards and Custom Crafted Recipe Box, along with our Food Services. We hope you enjoy the experience with us and we very much appreciate your support of small business.

Kids introduction to Cooking Classes
The Collective Menu located in Wenatchee WA., is now offering Private kids/teens cooking classes, Monday - Thursday 4:00-6:00pm and Sat.-Sun. 2:00-4:00pm. If you need a specific time not listed we can talk about that as well for the weekend's only. So if you have a kiddo who wants to learn to cook, now’s their chance. I charge $25hr. and each class is a 2 hr. block of time or a siblings discount rate of $75 at my home and they bring some of the ingredients needed for what they picked to make. They will decide what they want to cook for their first class and I'll email you a list of ingredients for them to bring to class. I offer 1 free Collectible Recipe card each class they come to, if they are using one of my recipes from my collection of 110 collectible recipe cards, or they can use one of their own favorite recipes that they want to make. You can have them cook your dinner Entrée for that night’s dinner or a recipe they picked from my library of Salads, Entrées, Desserts, Appetizers or Soups. Space is limited as there is only 6 slots a week for now. So be the first to get your spot call Gypsy at 425-220-8750 and leave a message and reserve your child's spot today and let the fun of cooking begin. And give your family, a family meal around the dinner table with the food your child cooked. My passion is to Nurture the family and restore home cooked meals around the dinner table as a family, it is such a blessing! And while thing are baking, we play board games, it's fun for everyone!

Catering / Personal Chef / Prepared Meal Services
Do you have an Event or Business Luncheon coming up and need a Caterer, Prepared Meal Services or a Personal Chef? Then you're at the right place!

Let us help you with your Food and Chef needs. We offer Catering, Personal Chef services for your Business, Home or at your Venue.

* For Catering events / Luncheon Services we offer a FREE consultation to talk about your needs and see how we can help you to make your Event or Luncheon great with Amazing food, give Gypsy a call at 425-220-8750.

* We also offer Personal prepared Meal Services that you can pick up or we can deliver w/ a $10 delivery fee, those prices are listed below, so call Gypsy to decide on the menu and how often you want them. There is a once a month $25 service fee for those who are doing consistent weekly meals, to help cover to go containers /condiment costs.

Personal Prepared Food Package Options:

Family Style Casserole/pasta Meals 8-10-12 servings- $45 ea. w/ or w/o meat

Family Style Soups 8-10 servings- $45 ea. w/or w/o meat

Family Style Salads or Appitizers 8-10 servings- $35 ea. w/o meat $40 w/meat

Veggie Trays 8-10 servings-w/o meat & cheese $30 ea. w/ meat & Cheese $40 ea.

Family Style Desserts 8-10 servings- $35 ea.

*All meals need 1 week planning notice.

Bon Appétit

Owner & Founder: Gypsy Steel
Welcome to The Collective Menu
Hello, I’m Gypsy Steel the founder of The Collective Menu. As a mother of seven, my passions have been nurturing the home, keeping traditions alive, preparing home-cooked mostly organic meals and teaching private kids cooking classes. My hope is to help you also create traditions and experience memories with your loved ones, over homemade quality meals especially if your kids cooked it. It will be something they will be so proud of.

I realize many people don’t have the time to do the menu planning, so that’s where I can be of service and take out that time consuming part! Stay tuned for our weekly drops of new collectible recipe cards on our Facebook or Instagram.

May you enjoy the collaboration of recipes and meals from different families and passed down heritage, that have brought me and my loved ones so many special memories and may they also bring you experiences and memories to cherish.

Our Story
How The Collective Menu began
Our story began in October of 2020, as our world was in a global pandemic, I experienced a difficult loss of employment. As hard as that was, I began to see God's hand in it. God began to give me a five year business plan and the name "The Collective Menu". This was the hope I needed, He has orchestrated my steps as I surrendered my life to obeying his will and taking a leap of faith. Through many tears and hard work, my dream of having a Catering Business and teaching kids cooking classes, began to emerge, bringing to life my passion for nurturing the home and hub of the house, "The kitchen".

My heart and passions are for cooking and helping others enjoy it. This is why I began designing and creating collectible recipe cards. I enjoy helping others figure out what to eat and plan a great menu, essentially taking the work out of it for them. I want to make the cooking experience more enjoyable and easier for you and your family. Our recipe cards are designed to become an heirloom for you to pass down to your family. They become a collection of your favorites along with memories of enjoyable meals together. In this day and age, the family as a whole seems to be fading out to some degree, especially sitting around the table and enjoying a healthy and tasty home cooked meal together, something I really enjoyed when my seven kids were still at home. A lot of memories were made and there are favorite recipes that my kids have, that now as adults they requested to be made into a recipe card.

So, we have a large, ever-growing library of cards to choose from and for you to enjoy cooking. As time went on more of the dream began to unfold with the vision of The Collective Menu Retreat center, where we will be hosting team building, bonding cooking events for adults, families and Corporate. We also want to offer a venue option for small weddings, family reunions and game nights. At these events I will be teaching them how to cook the meal and then we will serve them as they enjoy a sit-down meal, eating the fruits of their labor, something they can be proud of and pass on to their families. Food is a gift from God to nourish our bodies and to enjoy, why not know how to make it the most delicious experience you can. Through this journey God gave me a scripture I felt lead to put on every recipe card, as an inspiration and a promise of hope, Isaiah 58:11 “Where God Guides, He Provides." That has been my truth throughout my life and still today as I'm on this new adventure with God and all of you.

When we take a leap of faith and trust God to carry us through, even when we can't see how we'll be able to manage it or what the outcome might be, He will never let you down! When God says it, it shall be done in his perfect timing. The Collective Menu name has several meanings. First, it’s a collection of heritage and passed down recipes from past generations of grandparents, family, myself, my kids and friends. Second, they are collectible and packaged in a clear plastic sleeve for the protection of each card. Third, the word Collective refers to the collective effort of all who have worked to make this business a reality alongside God who made this ALL possible.

I want to thank my friends and family for helping me make this a reality and being an extended hand of the Lord in the logistics of it all. I couldn’t have done it without the Collective efforts of God and each of you. I pray you enjoy the years of passed down recipes. May they be a blessing to you with health, happiness and joy as you make memories with your loved ones.

Owner & Founder
Gypsy Steel

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